Attract your perfect clients

Create and offer the information that your perfect client wants and automate the delivery to start communicating right away!

Immediately Engage

Set up auto-responders plus have the ability to customize your communication.

Grow your Biz!

Get new customers, keep in touch and follow up, all in one system!

What is

What if... potential clients came to you for the information they are searching for? What if you had built-in scripts so that you always knew what to ask and what to say? What if you had a built-in system that automated much of the process for you, to get the conversation started, build relationships and book new business?

Meet PhotoTexting. It’s The Movement in Marketing.

Get your own new business number

Text, Voice Mail, Voice Promotions, Analytics and more - all separate from your personal phone line.


Automate your marketing + Grow your List!

Create your promotions, guides and simple communication plus set them up for automatic delivery. Reach new clients immediately and capture their details.

Communicate to a Group or Customize a 1-1 chat

Send group promotions and then start conversations with interested buyers.


Create, Schedule and Send Promotions

Birthday club, anniversary, special events and more can be created, scheduled and automatically sent! Schedule Follow up and stay in touch for repeat business!

All of your Marketing and Communication in one place

Text, email and accept calls and book new business, all from your PhotoTexting dashboard.

Why Text Marketing?

Smarter Text Marketing software that allows you to create effective Text Marketing campaigns easily.

Faster than Email

90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes. No email SPAM filters.

More Personal than Social

Text messages reach your audience directly in the palms of their hands.

Customers Prefer

75% of consumers prefer a text over an email.

PhotoTexting: Marketing for your Brand

We understand that each of your photography services requires a unique process. We'll show you how to apply smart communication that fits each of your product lines. PHOTOtexting gives you all of the communication tools you need, plus a new simplified workflow that is designed to Attract NEW Clients, Easier and Faster!


Kids + Families

Headshots and Branding


School + Sports


PHOTOtexting helps businesses like yours everyday!

"Within one minute, yes 60 seconds, we had over 35 responses from our first text announcement. Seven of those wanted to schedule a session!! If you are on the fence about PHOTOtexting, here is my advice... Stop thinking and JUST DO IT!"

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